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Refund Policy

Elevate Your Career: Job Assurance or 100% Tuition Refund – Choose Success with Focus EduSolutions!

Maximize your career prospects with the Focus EduSolutions Job Guarantee program, which offers a guarantee of either securing a job or receiving a full refund.

Focus EduSolutions prioritizes your career success, which is shown in our Job Guarantee: “Obtain employment or receive a full refund.” We acknowledge that your future is dependent on your education, and we are completely committed to ensuring your success.

If you fail to obtain a qualified position within 6 months after completing your studies, you will be entitled to a complete reimbursement of your tuition fees.

Requirements and Key Features of the Program:

The Job Guarantee curriculum we offer is specifically designed to provide you with the necessary skills and assistance to succeed in the job market, with a particular emphasis on Data Analytics, Cyber Security, and Digital Marketing.

Below is a comprehensive overview of our program:

Enrollment Eligibility Criteria:

  • Age and Eligibility: Applicants must be a minimum of 18 years of age, possess a high school diploma or its equivalent, be a U.S. citizen or a green card holder, have authorization to work in the U.S., and currently reside within the borders of the U.S.
  • Flexibility: Maintain a willingness to work in both remote and on-site roles.
  • Financial Obligation: Complete the program and make full payment of tuition.
  • Direction Continuation: Successfully finish the Job Preparation Course and adhere to the advice given by your career specialist.
  • Language Proficiency: Fluency in both spoken and written English is required.
  • Background Check: A pristine background check is obligatory for employment applications.
  • Location: Your place of residence should be within a one-hour commuting distance of one of the cities mentioned as Approved Cities. *
  • Eligible Cities:
    • - Austin, Texas
    • - Boston, Massachusetts
    • - Charlotte, North Carolina
    • - Cleveland, Ohio
    • - Denver, Colorado
    • - Hartford, Connecticut
    • - Jacksonville, Florida
    • - Los Angeles, CA
    • - Miami, FL
    • - Nashville, TN
    • - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    • - Phoenix, AZ
    • - Raleigh, NC
    • - San Antonio, Texas
    • - San Francisco, California
    • - St. Louis, MO
    • - Washington, D.C.
    • - Baltimore, Maryland
    • - Boulder, Colorado
    • - Chicago, Illinois
    • - Columbus, Ohio
    • - Des Moines, Iowa
    • - Houston, Texas
    • - Kansas City, MO
    • - Madison, WI
    • - Milwaukee, WI
    • - New York, NY
    • - Orlando, Florida
    • - Pittsburgh, PA
    • - Richmond, VA
    • - San Bernardino, California
    • - San Jose, CA
    • - Tampa, FL
    • - Boise, Idaho
    • - Buffalo, New York
    • - Cincinnati, Ohio
    • - Dallas, Texas
    • - Detroit, Michigan
    • - Indianapolis, Indiana
    • - Las Vegas, NV
    • - Memphis, TN
    • - Minneapolis-Saint Paul, MN
    • - Oakland, California
    • - Philadelphia, PA
    • - Portland, OR
    • - Sacramento, CA
    • - San Diego, California
    • - Seattle, WA
    • - Salt Lake City, UT

Alternatively, the Job Guarantee is expanded to encompass students and graduates who aspire to establish their careers in urban centers across the globe. Upon registration with Focus EduSolutions, you will be assigned a committed career specialist who possesses extensive knowledge of the job market.

They will provide specialized advice tailored to specific regions and offer crucial feedback on your job search strategy and application materials.

Are you not living in a major urban region in any of these countries? If you are not located in one of these regions or are unable to move, you may not meet the requirements for the Job Guarantee. However, you will still receive the same individualized one-on-one assistance from your career consultant as you get ready to start your new career path.

Program-Specific Criteria: Data Analytics, Cyber Security, and Digital Marketing may have distinct qualifying requirements.

Eligibility for Enrollment Period Prerequisites: To achieve a successful graduation, it is imperative that you adhere to the designated program duration and fulfill all course prerequisites. Employment Assistance Period eligibility requirements necessitate a waiting period of 180 days following graduation.

Proactive Job Search: Actively pursue job opportunities in the United States without restricting your search to exclusively remote or location-flexible positions.

Job Applications: Submit a minimum of 30 job applications per week for positions that are relevant to your field, unless a lower minimum is specified by a career coach. Engage in focused outreach and follow-up on employer applications every week.

Technical Interview: If required, complete a technical interview conducted by a third party and get a score of 3 or above within 30 days after graduating.

Communication: Ensure timely and consistent communication with the career services team and your career coach. Adhere to ethical norms during the application procedure.

Networking: Schedule and complete a minimum of 4 informative interviews each month and actively participate in at least 1 job-related networking event each month.

Verification: Allow Focus EduSolutions permission to contact employers to verify employment.

Behavioral Workshop: Attend and fulfill all prerequisites of the behavioral interview workshop or engage in one-on-one behavioral interview training.

Committed to Securing Your Path to Success: The Job Guarantee program we offer is a clear demonstration of our commitment to ensuring your success. Our purpose is to equip you with the necessary expertise and assistance to achieve your desired professional path:

Portfolio Development: Every project you successfully finish will enhance your professional portfolio, demonstrating your proficiency in Data Analytics, Cyber Security, or Digital Marketing.

Mentorship: Our tutors and mentors will provide important guidance and offer full project evaluations to ensure your work adheres to industry standards.

Areas of expertise: Our courses are specifically tailored to provide you with a distinct advantage in the areas of Data Analytics, Cyber Security, and Digital Marketing.

Job Preparation: You will have the opportunity to utilize our career services, which encompass job application strategies, interview simulations, and many resources.

Career Coaching: Collaborating closely with a career expert can assist you in developing a comprehensive job search plan, enhancing application materials, and getting ready for interviews.Employment Inquiry and Reimbursement Application.

Active Engagement: Demonstrate proactive involvement in your job search by maintaining regular communication with your career expert, consistently submitting job applications and engaging in networking activities, regularly updating your resume and LinkedIn page, maintaining professional conversations with potential employers, and promptly accepting suitable employment offers within your desired field.

If you fulfill all the necessary criteria and fail to obtain a “Qualifying Position” within 180 days of completing the program, you have the option to request a refund. To do so, you must contact within 30 days after the Career Services Period ends.

The term “Qualifying Position” is defined by its tenure and salary. Failure to comply with the specified requirements during enrollment may lead to the instant loss of the tuition refund. Engaging in certain activities, such as not actively seeking employment related to the program, rejecting a job offer that meets the requirements, or starting a business venture, might lead to disqualification from receiving a refund for tuition.

Additional Note: We retain the authority to prolong the duration of the program and career services in the event of unexpected circumstances, and modifications to the program parameters may be made with advance notification.

The refund procedure requires that refund claims be submitted in written form within 30 days following the conclusion of the Job Search Period.

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